Prosthetic dentistry

  • partial dentures and full dentures

  • frame dentures

  • frame dentures without clasps

  • porcelan crowns and bridges

  • full ceramic crowns and bridges

  • adhesive bridges (without preparation of teeth)

  • ceramic veneers

  • composite and ceramic inlays and onlays

  • crown-root inlays

Conservative dentistry

  • prophylactic dentistry (treatment of dental hypersensitivity, tartar remooving, teeth sand-blasting)

  • dental caries therapy

  • root canal treatment

Esthetic dentistry

  • bleaching of teeth

  • composite and ceramic veneers

  • dental shape correction

Temporomandibular disorders and bruxizm therapy

  • NTI splints, Michigan splints

Dental anesthesia

  • painless local anesthesia The Wand

Price list (partial)
light cure filling 150 – 170 PLN
endodontic treatment (1 root) 150 PLN
bleaching of teeth 850 PLN
tartar remooving 150 PLN
full denture 1000 PLN
frame denture 1600 PLN
porcelain crown 900 PLN
full ceramic crown (zirkon) 1600 PLN
porcelain veener 1500 PLN
NTI splint, Michigan splint 550 PLN
local anesthesia 30 PLN
painless local anesthesia The Wand 50 PLN

Dental examination and specialistic consultation – free of charge