In 1984 I graduated from Pomeranian Medical University, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.
I gained a first degree specialization in general dentistry and a second degree specialization in prosthetic dentistry.
Since I graduated I have been working in Specialist Dental Clinic in 5th Military Hospital in Krakow, where throughout the years I have been gaining and improving my skills. My long lasting commitment was rewarded in 2003 when I became the head of the clinic. I held this position until my retirement in 2014. Now I am trying to focus on sharing my experience with young doctors and students. For many years on I have been responsible for internships in the clinic. Between 1995 and 1996 I participated in United Nations Disengagement Force Mission, where I occupied a position of a military dentist in Syria and Israel.
Since 1992 I have been running my own dental practice. I treat the third generation of my patients, therefore I regard myself as a family dentist.
Apart from therapeutic and educational activities I am also engaged in scientific part, participating in various courses, symposiums and professional trainings and publishing articles in professional dental magazines. Long-term experience as well as constantly improving skills and individual approach to every patient allow me to treat and put a smile on every patient’s face.


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